Senior citizens often miss out on artistic endeavors where they can let their creativity blossom. Arts Council Northeast helps them achieve this experience through our Art on Wheels program.

Local artists will guide the individual or group with step-by step instructions. They may work on a traced canvas or they can create their own artwork. As they participate in their own homes or in a group setting they will be able to paint on the canvas. By the end of the session, everyone has a work of art they have created themselves to treasure for a lifetime!

Everything is provided: canvas, paints, brushes, and easels. No previous art experience is necessary. The Arts Council will provide the personal touch from our professional staff. Our hands-on art sessions allow anyone to unleash their inner artist and create something of their own. This program allows them to get inspired and engaged. We are clearly having a positive impact on their lives!

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If you have a group that might benefit from Art on Wheels, please call 817-283-3406 to discuss how we can work with you.